Portraitures from a Portraitist

Howdy all!

I’m accepting portrait commissions of your favorite images in oils, acrylic, gouache, watercolor, ink, and now digital renderings. People say I can draw pretty good, and I can push some paint around. So what could be a sweeter gift for your loved one than a custom portrait. Just send me the photo/image of what you’d like, and I’ll make you say, “Well, look at that!”


Toddler Portrait: Christian & the F-16Toddler Portrait: AviatorPortrait: Ross Pet Portrait: SantanaPortrait: JoshInfant Portrait: IanPony-Riderevelyn_haiti

Hey, what’s this “Digital” option? Different from traditional media (as in, drawn on a computer), digital portraits can be printed on canvas, paper, or on whatever you want to output. You can use it on a holiday card, as desktop artwork, or even as a Facebook cover! It’s yours, but infinitely reproducible, whereas traditional media gives you an original, unique drawing or painting that you can proudly display.

Contact me via email, and we can discuss details and pricing. Thanks for your engrossed attention!

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